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LRG is a State Certified General Construction firm that specializes in fast track design/build commercial renovations and high end residential construction throughout Florida and the Caribbean. Currently, the bulk of our work is focused in Miami, Coral Gables, and Tampa. Our employees and subcontractors are highly trained and are accustomed to working in staffed offices, as well as corporate and college campuses. Our controlled growth since our inception has been from word of mouth from satisfied Clients. At any time, over 90% of our workload is comprised of satisfied, repeat customers.

We don’t just trust anyone on our jobsites. All of our employees and subcontractors are long term members of our team. We have a lengthy process we use to qualify any subcontractors prior to accepting bids. This way, when we say we can do a job in a certain amount of time for a certain price, we know we can, based on past performance from our subcontractors over the last 10-20-30 years of working with them.

Family owned and operated, LRG Construction was founded in 1981 by Becky and Larry Gershen. From the start, LRG’s work has been the embodiment of its founders’ core principles – honesty, integrity, and quality. Keeping its Clients’ best interests always in the forefront, LRG’s fundamentals are exemplified in its work. LRG’s reputation in the industry and in the community has grown with its Clients’ satisfaction. Over the last 30+ years, LRG has grown to continue to exceed its clients’ needs. While the jobs have grown, and the clients have become higher profile, the core principles upon which the company was founded still form the cornerstone of LRG’s business.

The Gershens have been building in Florida and the Caribbean for 3 generations. Larry’s father Irwin was a General Contractor who built mid rise buildings across Florida for over 30 years, and helped develop and popularize the use of flying forms. From the time his son Larry was a child, he was on jobsites. When he was old enough, he started working summers on his dad’s buildings across Florida. After majoring in Construction Management at FIU, Larry started LRG. Like his father and grandfather, Larry’s son Brian was on jobsites from an early age, and worked summers for LRG until he graduated from Florida State. In 2005, after working in commercial building materials in Jacksonville for a few years, Larry’s son Brian came to work for LRG full time. Larry and Brian both hold active State Certified General Contractor licenses.

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