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Flats Fishing From Home in Palmetto Bay

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/06/Flatsfishing.jpgFishing is a relaxing and fun sport – but often requires a lot of prep and planning to go out on the water. What if you could fish from the edge of your own waterfront property, from a small skiff or even by just wading out? Although Florida is rightfully known for its exceptional deep water sport fishing, inshore and shoreline flats fishing is also an excellent opportunity to commune with nature (and catch dinner!) in a far more relaxed, low-key fashion.

What is flats fishing? According to the Florida Guides Association expert website, “Flats fishing is a common term for fishing these shallow saltwater areas. The fishing is usually done from a small skiff which is pushed across the “flat” by using a long pole. This allows the anglers to get close to the spooky fish giving them a chance to see the fish before they cast to them. Wading or the use of a canoe or kayak is also popular. “

The most popular fish caught while inshore flats fishing are redfish, snook, tarpon and trout. Others are pompano, ladyfish, mackerel, shark, cobia and jacks. All of these fish can be stalked in shallow water and most of them can be see first and a bait cast to them, also known as sight fishing.

The beautiful 7.5 acre waterfront property for sale at 17401 Old Cutler Road in Palmetto Bay is one of the largest remaining waterfront properties available in Miami-Dade County. It has a small house on the back of the property, which would make a perfect guest quarters, with plenty of room to build a dream home and still maintain the clear waterfront, for both beautiful views and easy access to the mangrove flats that line the shore.

For more information about flats fishing, and to learn about the needed gear and equipment, check out the links below, in addition to the Florida Guides Association.

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