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How to Find the Best Realtor in Miami for Your Buying Needs

When buying a home or purchasing other real estate, having the right realtor is important. But how to find the right real estate agent for you? There are a lot of real estate agents out there, but they are not all created equal. A professional real estate agent will be an invaluable resource when buying a home.

First of all, make sure you are working with a licensed real estate agent who sells real estate full time. Buying a home is the single biggest investment most families make, and this is not the time to hire your cousin’s wife who sold a few houses on the side 10 years ago. Ask questions of any realtor you’re considering: How long have they been in business? How well do they know the area in which you want to buy? Do they have properties in your budget range? Be clear with the agent that you’re in research mode at this time so that there is no misunderstanding about your status with that agent.

Make sure that the real estate agent you are considering offers the range of services that you need. The Zeder Team, for example, offers a package of services that many firms are just not able to provide, including real estate concierge services, relocation services and international real estate services.

Ask to speak to recent clients if possible. If a realtor is reluctant to provide names of any satisfied clients, barring an exclusive clientele that desires absolute privacy, that may be a red flag. Most realtors are willing and eager to have current clients speak to potential ones!

Do some online research.

  • Most states provide searchable online databases with information about professional licensing, including for realtors. Make sure any realtor you consider is up to date on licensing and other filings required by the state.
  • Some general real estate websites like Zillow, Trulia and others have agent profiles and reviews submitted by users.
  • Check out the realtor’s own website to make sure the listings are the kind of properties you’re after. Some realtors have a wider inventory of homes for sale, while others have only specialty listings such as only short-term rentals, luxury homes for sale or high-end commercial real estate listings.

Take your time when choosing a real estate agent. This is not a decision to rush; it’s important to make sure that the person helping you make such an important investment is someone you are comfortable with and can trust.