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Discover Why Brickell Real Estate is Booming

Skyine of Miami Brickell DistrictBrickell Real Estate, located in the heart of the Miami metropolitan area, has consistently been identified as one of the fastest-growing communities in South Florida. Businesses and residents alike from all over the world are moving into this ever-growing community, which consequently hosts one of the highest concentrations of new real estate developments in the state.

Given its burgeoning status, Brickell must have a lot to offer – as you’ll soon see, there’s good reason why people from all over the world are flocking to this vibrant urban center.

Part of Miami’s central business district, Brickell is often referred to as the “Manhattan of the South” for its distinctly urban character. Everyday it welcomes around 200,000 people who come to work in one of its many businesses centers. In fact, Brickell has the distinction of hosting the largest concentration of international banks in the United States, most of which are located along Brickell Avenue, its main north-south artery way. This makes Brickell perfect for young professionals and careerists.

Better still, Brickell also offer a large and diverse selection of high-rise residences, including some of the most acclaimed luxury condos in South Florida. Many of these are either a short walk or drive from commercial centers, or include retail and office space. This makes Brickell perfect for those seeking to mix work and play. In response to all this growth, the community is undergoing a major transformation into a chic urban living center, which includes a long and growing list of modern pre-construction condo developments.

Brickell’s central location and excellent infrastructural connections also make In addition to being accessible by the Turnpike, I-95, and US-1, it is conveniently served by the Miami Metrorail and 5 stations of the Metromover’s Brickell Loop. Needless to say, Brickell offers an excellent and rich balance of commercial, professional, and recreational opportunities that few other communities can match.

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